How long have you been natural?

I've been natural since 2008! I still can't believe it's been that long. I never looked back though, I love being natural since I get bored easily. I love how versatile it is, it's uniqueness, and the statement it makes. I did do two more big chops since then. So I'm currently growing it back out with protective styles.

Did you transition or big chop?

I did a big chop. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was something I was researching for quite some time. I also was transitioning with protective styles. Then one day I decided to grab the scissors and cut all the permed ends off. It was TWA so when I showed my mother she thought I went off the deep end. She was shocked and confused by my decision, which sums up our relationship quite well. Lol! My opinionated family and friends weren't too accepting until they saw how long and healthy my hair got.

What is/was your favorite part about being/going natural?

The versatility, the uniqueness, the automatic camaraderie it fosters. I also love how much it has become a revolutionary movement. Through natural hair so many black women have found their niche to become entrepreneurs. We have also taken back a piece of the hair care industry which ultimately belongs to us. We spend the most money on the hair care industry and prior to us learning about our own hair we didn't own much of it. Plus the fact that protective styling helps my hair flourish in comparison to when my hair was relaxed, I love it!

What products are you loving at the moment?

Like so many other naturals I am still on this never ending journey to find my staple products. However I have grown to love Eco Styler Gel, As I Am - Co Wash, Chi Heat Protectant Spray and Trader Joes - Tea Tree Shampoo. I'm currently experimenting with Silk Elements products, Cantu products and a few others. Silk Elements because it was highly recommended and my hair loved it when it was relaxed.

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