I've always hated introductions. How can I possible tell you how awesome I am in a very short amount of time. Why would I want to do that. This dates back to middle school and then on into my corporate job amongst the JE Dunn's and Turners of construction here in Kansas City. I share who I am, hoping I shared the most relevant version of myself with you, as we go around the room 'getting to know one another'. And then, after all is said and done...did you even care about what I had to say? Were you even listening? Probably not.

Any who, I know that's not you. You didn't make it all the way here to simply negate my beautiful existence. You came to connect. To find out why, in this busy world of things to do, you should care about what I have to say.

I will say that I've spent my entire life perfecting the art of secrecy and discretion--just out of habit really. Can you be an introvert who loves to laugh and have fun with all walks of life? I guess that'd be me. However, only a select number of people truly know me. That being the case it has made sharing and letting others into "my world" a challenge, especially now that everyone wants so much transparency and access into everyone's lives. But for you, I am going to try. I want to welcome you into my inner circle and thank you for your patience as I pull back the curtains and share a bit of Layna Loo with you. I will be sharing all things relating to growing healthy natural hair and living a healthy-zen-like life, from my perspective, for you. So, join me in a comfy chair, with your favorite beverage as we enjoy this adventure called life, together :)
I have chosen to do the "Get to Know Me Tag" you see floating around YouTube as a way to get us started. I'd love for you to share a bit about yourself and your hair journey, if you'd like. I don't know about you, but when I first started my natural hair journey one of the things I enjoyed most was reading/hearing about someone else's journey. I'll get to why I started KC Naturals in my next post.

Get to Know Me Tag! 

Get to know Me Tag! 

1. Where were you born & raised?
I was born right here in Kansas City. I was raised in sweet sunny San Diego, California until my junior year in high school. (Go Scotties! Go Wildcats!)
2. Zodiac sign?
I am a Sag. I love to be free, but must feel like I belong. 
3. Do you have children?
Yes, I have a nine and two year old who demand my attention, even while I am sleeping. I am also the step-mother to four beautiful girls, one of which is 18 and testing her independence as we speak. I can't apologize enough to my parents for what they went through with me at that age. 
4. Relationship with parents and family?
I have a large family on both sides and there is not one day I go without talking to my parents. My house was always the one the family gathers were held growing up.
5. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
Hmmm, it's been a while since I thought about this. I'd have to say:
6. Weakness?
Taking things personally. I always want to fix something. 
7. PC or Mac
Mac, hands down. But Samsung Note all day!
8.  Scary movie or happy ending?
I prefer comedy. I love to laugh. Take me to see a scary movie and I am the loudest there. No questions asked.
9. The reason I started KC Naturals...
I'll sum this up because I plan to write an individual post on this. I started KC Naturals on my birthday, December 15th, 2013, to possibly connect with like-minded individuals. To meet other ladies that were exploring the "natural". I wanted to connect. Sure enough, I met so many woman who didn't mind chatting about hours of twisting, shea butter, coconut oil and YouTube :) We shared our challenges in the workplace and among friends and family and it just felt good. So, KC Naturals goes on today to support those that are about bettering themselves, inside and out. After all, this journey expands beyond the care of hair. 
Feel free to share your hair journey with me! I'd love to hear about it. Click the box below: