Hi I'm Alayna, mother, health coach, natural hair connoisseur, green juice lover, peace-maker, and organizer of KC Naturals (I could keep going, lol). I'll do an introduction post next, but for now...

...let's just jump right into it! The other night, September 3rd to be exact, I set up shop in the bathroom and cut my hair. The counter had all of the essentials for a good hair chopping.

To start off, I detangled and stretched my hair with the Q-Redew Hair Steamer. I use the word stretched because somehow it elongates your strands while steaming. I think it has something to do with the amount of heat that thing puts out, but I'll save my thoughts on the steamer until I've used it a few more times. 

After I steamed and stretched, I put my hair into 4 sections and banded the ends to the length I wanted to cut. I cut each section at the chosen length and fluffed my hair. Here's a clip of that:


Now don't be fooled, that was not the end of the cut. I went in section by section layering a bit and cutting off strands I knew needed to come off. Once I finished the cut, I used beauty water, Maui Moisture Coconut Cream and Aveda Dry Remedy oil to twist my hair. 

So...why did I cut my hair?? One word: DAMAGE! 

Yep, you read correctly. My hair was damaged. Now, do understand that I know and LOVE hair people. My mother is a beautician and shop owner, my sister a beautician as well and after all I've been naturals for almost 7 years! It runs in my blood. I've pretty much done everything related to hair care except get my license, smh.

Back to the subject, I know you're probably thinking, how does the connoisseur of natural hair have damaged hair. Well, I'll tell you. Earlier this year I had my hair colored and colored hair takes a certain amount of attention and love that I did not have to give to it. I was already barely getting by when it came to properly taking care of my hair due to having an, at the time, one year old son and nine year old daughter demanding all of my time. I had picked up a few bad hair habits right after his birth that I swore I'd fix just as soon as I found the time. Knowing better and doing better are two totally different things. Can you relate?

Any who, after months of ignoring the dead and damaged hair I figured it was time to give that up and do what I knew to do to get my hair back into shape. As we discussed on Instagram, hair health is better than hair length. 

I invite you to follow me on this continuing healthy hair journey as I show you what I do to grow my hair and retain my length. This will include the good, the ugly and everything in between. Aside from the reason mentioned above, I have been having the itch to cut my hair for some time now! Watching all of my favorite YouTube gurus take on the tapered cut just gave me so much life. I'm super excited to watch my hair grow as I slay this cut. Plus, I have some new products and methods I'd love to share with you as well :)

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride! If you are enjoying your journey, I'd love to hear all about it. Become a Member Spotlight and share your journey on our Member Spotlight page.

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